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Happiness is not out there; It's in You!

Create your world by Intentional Mindset.


~Angeline Longshore

I help women navigate life with sensible strategies, mindset and inner wisdom

“Hey Girlfriend,
I’m so glad you’re here!”

Maybe a one of your girlfriends told you about me, or you found me through my iTunes Podcast, or through The Huffington Post or Thrive Global or inspirational social media posts.

My reason for being here… you are not meant to do this alone.

I’ve been there myself… and I’LL GO THERE WITH YOU, Girlfriend.

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  • “I absolutely love my sensible girlfriend! I’m a happy, single and successful woman.  I visited her site on a whim one day and found myself combing through every post and listening to multiple podcasts. Here was a woman with great insight into relationships, men and simply finding greater satisfaction one’s own life. I found Angeline to be clear and professional and well produced, but at the same time easy and engaging. She really feels like a girlfriend.”

    Cassie Chow
    Cassie Chow
    Movement Educator, Pilates Instructor, Bodyworker - themovingcompanymaui.com
  • “Angeline Chew Longshore is one of my favorite contributors to The Mauimama. I always know that her articles will empower, encourage and bring my readers insight to how they can live a fuller, brighter life. Her insight and creativity is invaluable. Angeline is inspiring and a woman who walks her talk. I am thankful she lets us ride along side her.”

    Kate Griffiths - Publisher, Mauimama
    Kate Griffiths
    Publisher of The Mauimama
Angeline at Blogher 2104 Convention

Your Sensible Ladypreneur

“Success Starts With Mindset”

Make your mindset a top business priority. The actions you take (or don’t take) always stem from your thoughts.


“When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and truly seen, that’s when we truly connect with our audience.”

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Kids Anticipation To Open Christmas Gifts - Research Shows Delayed Gratification Skills Equates To Success Later In Life
Teaching Kids Happiness in Anticipation

Learning Greater Happiness in Anticipation For Children Can Lead To Success Later in Life- The Impetus To Our 5 Days of…

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Angeline Longshore Speaking On Finding Your Tribe SELF CARE RETREAT March 2016 Keokea, Maui, Hawaii
YSG Video Podcast Episode 01 – Finding Your Tribe (Reclaiming our true feminine selves to connect with loyal, trusted friends, fans and customers)

Angeline Longshore Speaking On Finding Your Tribe at SELF CARE RETREAT March 2016 Keokea, Maui, Hawaii. Presentation on Reclaiming Your Feminine Wisdom to gain loyal customers and trusted friends in business and your personal life. Why we have lost our true feminine power and how to reclaim it! SensibleGirlfriend.com

In this episode, I share with you about How This One Perspective Shift…

• Helps You To Understand Why We Feel Like In Our Daily Life We Struggle To Attain Life Balance and Why We Feel Like We Are Falling Short

• Helps You To Reclaim Your Feminine Wisdom and Power

• Helps To Create A Sisterhood with Women Rather Than Competition

•Helps You To Gain Trusted Supportive Girlfriends

• Helps You To Gain Loyal Customers/Fans for Business

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The One Thing That Brings More Confidence, Love and Support (Podcast Transcript Season 2, Episode 02)

Transcript: Podcast 02, Season 2 – The One Thing That Brings More Confidence, Love and Support You’re Listening To Your Sensible…

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YSG Episode 02, Season 2: The One Thing That Brings More Confidence, Love & Support

Hello Girlfriends! Welcome to Season 2, Episode 02 of Your Sensible Girlfriend’s Guide To Life Podcast– The One Thing That Brings…

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Your Sensible Girlfriend, Angeline Longshore

Welcome Girlfriend! NEW VISITORS CLICK HERE!

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Why Attitude and Inner Thoughts Matter: Podcast Transcripts Season 2, Episode 01- How Thoughts Shape Your Life. Your Sensible Guide To Life Podcast with Angeline Longshore
YSG Episode 1, Season 2: How Thoughts Shape Your Life

Hello Girlfriends! Welcome to Season 2, Episode 01 of Your Sensible Girlfriend’s Guide To Life Podcast– How Thoughts Shape Your Life…

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I've trained my boys to be patient with my Patience Building technique. They are so very patient to wait for mom and have learned to entertain themselves!
Teaching Kids Patience

One of the most asked questions I get from other parents and adults that are around my children for the first…

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Longing For Love? 2 Traits Create Lasting Love Relationships Marriage
YSG Episode 014: Longing For Lasting Love? Science Says 2 Traits Help Create Loving, Lasting Marriages

Hello Girlfriends! Podcast 014 is called — Longing For Lasting Love? 2 Traits That Create Loving,  Lasting Marriage In Podcast Episode…

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Break Through Negative Thinking
Break Through Negative Thinking, Change Your Story

We all get stuck sometimes on a certain way of thinking that pulls us down, degrades our self confidence, so much…

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