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Hey There Smart Women,
I'm Angeline, Your Sensible Girlfriend.
Believe Me…

We All Need A Sensible Girlfriend In Our Life!

I'm just a woman, like you... but I've figured some things out about life that I'd like to share so I might save you some pain and suffering like I experienced. If you're a smart woman (from life experience) like me, you surround yourself with friends who will uplift you. I am now one of those friends to you, your sensible girlfriend, offering my sensible thoughts and advice.


Wherever I go, I end up having mini five minute conversations with women. They come away inspired with tools to help them move through their troublesome issues. Many urged me to share this wisdom to help more women & so I created Your Sensible Girlfriend's Guide To Life. Here, I'll share my thoughts (and others I'm inspired by) on love, happiness, relationships, life challenges, self-esteem, raising children, homemaking with intention, health, sexuality and style. (I also may occasionally share my love of cooking healthy, flavorful food.)

The Difference?

What really resonates with the women I meet is that I've been there, right where they are and know how to get through it.  And now I'm living the life I always wanted full of love, joy, happiness, fulfillment and inner peace. If only I had had a sensible girlfriend to help me, I would have learned to find love, happiness & emotional freedom much sooner!

Thanks for visiting with me!

Your Sensible Girlfriend,


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